Mark Cantanzriti

2020 RELEASES,the final Eve,Unclouded


the final Eve • 2020/10/22 release

the final Eve - 2020 Single, Mark Cantanzriti

Full digital discography is now available on BANDCAMP

Album UNCLOUDED released • March 2020
Written, recorded, performed by • Mark Cantanzriti
Produced by • Scott Gusty Christensen

Unclouded - 2020 Album, Mark Cantanzriti

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Mark Cantanzriti

Release of single "the final Eve". Release of album UNCLOUDED, including two singles. Release of albums PAST PROJECTS I and II, a lineup of the very best songs from Mark's early rock bands.
Mark's music available to download/stream on (defunct) GOOGLE PLAY, ITUNES/APPLE, SPOTIFY, TIDAL, DEEZER, AMAZON, IHEARTRADIO around the globe CLARO-MUSICA (South America), ANGHAMI (Middle East), KANJIAN / TENCENT / NETEASE (China), MELON / BUGS / YG (South Korea) and JIOSAAVN (India)
Single "I've Been Changed" independent release

Self-titled CECIL PARK produced by CECIL PARK + SCOTT "GUSTY" CHRISTENSEN cd of the year KWEEVAK MUSIC • Multi-instrumental film-oriented COLLECTION MUSIC I, II and HAIL! CORTEGE • Original soundtracks WILLIAM VICTOR SHOTTEN films SABBATH, BLOODLOCK, DREAD, HIDE AND SEEK • LEE BENNETT SOBEL film MOTHER MAY I • Buddy Productions film O HAPPY DAGGER • Episodes MATT CAMBELL series MARIS THE GREAT • Theme song Sling Shot Films TV series ENDANGERED HABITAT • Rock band OSCAR originally produced by PAUL CHURCH recorded IN US WE TRUST Studio City LA produced by SHAY BABY (Whitesnake, Scorpions)

Art rock band IXIAN album BALANCE produced by JIM MASON (Poco, FBB) guest musician David Muse (Firefall) • Rock band THE ORIGINAL RABBITS album TAILS FROM THE BIG GREEN ep INVISIBLE ARMY produced/engineered by GEOFF WORKMAN (Queen, Journey) for ORIGINAL PROJECTS UNLIMITED • Rock band STRANGE PARADE produced/engineered by WORKMAN for OPU

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